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Guaranteed 12 Month Loans, No Guarantor Required!

Are you looking for a personal loan but don’t have a guarantor to furnish? Do you urgently need the money and want to repay in a year? Platinum Finance is one of the leading lending companies which offer various types of small term and long term loans.

One can avail our loans on a guaranteed basis with features like no-hassle, easy-to-repay, and carry no hidden charges. Now, you don’t have to take a day off or knock doors of various lenders to get the installment loan. You just sit on the couch with a relaxed mood and fill our form online to get deals like a 12 month payday loan with no guarantor required.

These are most suitable for the people with bad credit scores, as they quickly pay the monthly instalment and bring their credit scores back on track. Applying for these term loans will bring multiple benefits to your favour, and you don’t have to approach anyone to co-sign the loan agreement with you.

For all those looking for 12-month loans from direct lenders, we work with the particular motives to serve the financial interests of Everyone. These are:

Guaranteed 12 Month Loans
  • Attractive Lending Offers to First Time Borrowers : Yes, indeed. We always look forward to giving maximum benefit to our first-time borrower. When they apply for our 12-month loans, we can offer them low-interest rates despite they do not have any credit history. We follow the no credit check policy and thus their lack of credit history does not matter. They get much preference in repayment terms too because we want to offer them an opportunity to build a strong credit history.
  • Responsible Lending : Borrowers come to our website with a hope of getting some secure financial solutions with instant disbursal. We work accordingly so that the customers can get the exact amount from us. It is the reason why we first analyse your financial condition and then prepare a personalised loan offer that can solve all their business queries.
  • Easy Loan Procedure : Yes, it is a very crucial part of a loan process. During the financial emergency, you hate to involve in a lengthy procedure and thus, Platinum Finance has brought the online lending procedure that takes hardly 15 minutes to complete. More importantly, the borrowers can save their time with no paperwork involved.
  • Competitive Interest Rates : Before starting our company, we realised that most of the people could not apply for the Guaranteed Loans just because the interest rates were so high. It happened mostly to the people with a poor credit score. We are the new-age lenders and thus give equal opportunity to these individuals to get the loans on competitive interest rates.
  • Equal Lending Prospects for Tenants : Financial problems do not discriminate between homeowners and tenants, as anyone can have such trouble. We always believe when issues do not discriminate, then why not solutions do the same. Therefore, we have opened our lending policies for tenants too. They can also live with a peace of mind despite living on rent.

No Credit Check Required And Repayment Is So Easy

Life is full of financial surprises, and one may need an urgent loan to clear the unexpected expenses. We at Platinum Finance understand the gravity of your financial crisis and approve the loan amount without carrying out a credit check.

Yes, you read it right! We offer loans with no credit check at a competitive APR. Our loan approval process is so quick, and we credit the loan amount directly into your bank account. You can repay the borrowed loan in 12 months in easy monthly installments. We make your life hassle-free!

Can I Extend My Loan Term for Two Years?

You may need a significant amount of money for a variety of reasons, and hence you would be looking to a longer instalment period. Getting approval for a longer extended period in case of bad credit is quite tricky, but Platinum Finance provides 24 month loans for bad credit people. Like short-term business loans, these loans require neither collateral nor guarantor.

Since the size of the loan will be large, we try all our best to make sure that you would pay back it on time. We keep the offer valid for five days after approval so that you should shop around. However, we assure you that our interest rates will be more competitive than other direct lenders.

24 month loans are fully amortised, which means your every instalment will go toward both the principal and the interest. If you want to opt for a smaller monthly repayment plan, each monthly instalment will go toward a smaller proportion of principal and remaining balance as the final repayment.

We Happily Serve Bad Credit Customers

Is your credit history too poor to get a loan? Are you in need of an emergency fund but couldn’t apply due to your bad credit history do not worry.

We are committed to offering a wide range of installment loans to all types of credit score borrowers. We don’t discriminate our customers and always strive for their 100 % satisfaction.

Our 12 month payday loans for bad credit are quick, hassle-free and cheapest. To get a 1000 dollar loan for a year, apply online right now! Our team of experienced lending professionals will review your application, approve it and disburse the loan amount in the minimum period.

Top Reasons To Choose Our 12 Month Payday Loans

  • Top lenders

  • Excellent business track record

  • Loans are hassle-free and reliable

  • Competitive APR

  • Bad credit is happily accepted

  • Guaranteed Loans

  • No Guarantor required

  • Repayment in easy installment

  • Can avail from small to big loans

  • Strive for 100 % customer satisfaction


Can I get a 12 months loan with a credit score of 200?

Well, it would be very tough to get 12 months loans with such a low credit score. Mainstream lenders, in particular, are too much strict on their rules and regulations. However, but at the same time, loan options don't need to be closed for these people. There are some direct lenders, which are offering these loans with a credit score of 200, but with certain obligations. First, you either have to provide collateral or must have a guarantor while applying Second; your income status should be sufficient to maintain the repayments If you can fulfil these conditions, then lenders like Platinum Finance can quickly approve your loan application.

How do I apply for a 12-month loan?

If you are applying at Platinum Finance, then you need to

  • Fill the online application form
  • Provide your basic details
  • If approved, the disbursal of the amount within the same day or even a few hours.

Can you get 12-month loans with no credit check from direct lenders?

Yes, there is a possibility that you can 12-month loans even without a credit check. But, the direct lender whom you will be approaching might check other things like:

  • Your income status
  • Past employment history
  • Credit utilisation ratio
  • Based on these factors, your payment capability will be evaluated.

How can I get a 12 months loan without guarantor?

A bad credit score and no guarantor are the two possible reasons why the loan applications get rejection. As far as the second one is concerned, it has been a vital obligation and a reliable one for the lender in getting the repayments. By looking at the difficulties of finding out the guarantor, especially for those with poor credit scores, a few direct lenders like London Cash Lender have taken the initiative to approve the applications on 12 months loan without guarantor’s signature. Instead of this obligation, the lender accepts the loan request based on borrower’s income capacity. As long as you are employed, no one can deny your loan application, and with proper repayment, credit scores can also improve.

Can you get a loan with a credit score of 500?

Yes, you can get a loan with a credit score of 500, but you will end up paying very high-interest rates as it is a very poor credit rating. Not all lenders provide loans to people with a very bad credit score. Therefore, you should do enough research. Note that you will be able to borrow money only when you have settled county court judgment (CCJ). If it is active on your report, no lender will approve your loan application. If you take out a loan with very poor credit score, make sure that you analyse your repayment capacity.

Can I get an unsecured loan with bad credit?

Yes, you can get an unsecured loan with bad credit. There are many direct lenders like Platinum Finance who provides unsecured loans to borrowers with bad credit record. For unsecured loans, you don’t have to keep any collateral. Since lenders are taking a high risk here by providing the loan without any security, they tend to charge a high rate of interest. But that also should not be a concern for you because you are getting a loan when no one is willing to give you so a high-interest rate should not be a significant concern.

Can I get a 12-month loan with a bad credit score?

Yes, the 12-month loan is available irrespective of a bad credit score. To convince the lender on timely repayments, you can either pledge collateral or arrange a guarantor. However, some lenders can approve your application on your income capacity. You can approach them through online format and start applying on to their websites.